An Unexpected Burden

By Sarah Riley

November 7, 2019

A recent study from the Data and Demographics Committee of the World Federation of Hemophilia found that the prevalence of hemophilia is 3 times more prevalent than previously believed. In order to better understand the true prevalence of hemophilia, more information from middle and low income countries is needed.

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Mark Brown
The Birth and Demise of Ebola?

By Merih Tesfazghi

September 12, 2019

Is Ebola Virus Disease curable? Not yet. However, a multi-drug study for the treatment of EVD launched in November 2018 just a few months after Ebola outbreak in DRC shows promising efficacy.

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Mark Brown
We are the champions my friend

By Tim Amukele

July 31, 2019

I am reading ‘Bad Blood’, the book about Theranos: one of the biggest frauds that was ever foisted on the financial community and the world.

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