What We Do

Pathologists Overseas has been working for over 20 years to strengthen histopathology and clinical laboratories around the world.  A clearly delineated focus coupled with depth of expertise is our strength.

After we receive a request for assistance we work in a coordinated, systematic manner to identify achieveable outcomes.  The steps we take will include the following areas:

  • Visit the country and assess the circumstances and needs.
  • Share our recommendations with key stakeholders and outline our potential role
  • Partner with the host country/health system to work towards mutually agreed upon goals for strengthening the laboratory system.

Based on extensive field work, we have learned that in most instances what is needed are improvements in systems rather than procurement of new instruments.  Areas we frequently need to address include Quality Assurance and Monitoring systems and processes, Laboratory Information System issues, Reagent Procurement systems, and rotating visiting Pathologists.  Most laboratories already have the instruments they need to function appropriately.

Please contact us if you would like to have Pathologists Overseas initiate an evaluation of your current capabilities and needs.